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Just want you to know me and my small website!

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Hi, welcome! This is Zhanming Tian. You may call me Elliot as well. I'm now an enthusiastic student pursuing a master's degree in Silicon Valley!

If you want to know which university I am in. Alright haha, to be honest, it is Carnegie Mellon University and I'm in the Master of Science in Software Engineering. The study life here is absolutely tough, peer pressure is also high enough to let me down. However! I'm still strong I believe.

I love making my own stuff: my blog, my website, my tour video, my programming, my photographs... Though I think barely anyone would view it, it is still a sort of infinite passion to me.

On this website, you are going to see all of my creations. Tech blogs and videos! Be my guest and enjoy!

Andrew Carnegie: "My heart is in the work."

I hope my graduate study at Carnegie Mellon University would be a most torturous while pleasant and fruitful memory in my life.